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If you are here on this page, chances are that you are looking for a mentor who has been already where you want to be, and knows how to guide you in a step-by-step method, with a clear, simple and proven road map to success.

At this precise moment, you’re standing at the threshold of your dream life. It’s time for you to walk across that threshold and go get it, whatever it is.

As a guide and entrepreneur, I have been through all the ups and downs on the roller-coaster ride for more than 25 years. I am here to support you in your actions toward the future YOU, in your BRAND-NEW LIFE.

I’m Robert Ingelaere.

I’ve built a very successful night figure business in wellness industry, and I was living the dream, having wonderful moments with my friends and family, travelling all around the world. 

But a few years ago, due to an unfortunate situation, I hit a major obstacle in my business, and I was very ill. I almost died. I thought it was the end of the story.

My story. 

But I am still there, and this episode becomes another turning point in my life. Just as Nietzsche puts it: “What does not kill you makes you stronger”.

I wrote a book based on my decades of experience as an entrepreneur, and I’ve found a new smart way to running business, that I decide to help other entrepreneurs achieve the next level with it.

We all heard of advice such as “make your list, call your friends, invite everyone to the meetings” times and times again. And you end up by burning through your warm market, and when you attack the cold markets, it’s a lot of work for little or nothing…

No result. Dead end.

This time, you don’t have to get through the rejection hello again and again. I discovered a new way, using the power of digital marketing to recruit prospects, and train your team members to duplicate and do the same! 

Help me to help you…

Your friend,

Robert Ingelaere

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